Tablet Computer Purchase Knowledge Points

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Tablet Computer Purchase Knowledge Points

What knowledge points do you need to know when buying a tablet? I picked the questions that everyone cares about most, and answered them one by one below.

1.Screen size
look at the existing tablet sizes on the market.
At present, the mainstream tablet sizes on the market can be summarized into three categories:

1) 7-8 inch small screen

Mainly thin and light, suitable for playing games, reading, reading novels and comics.

2) 10 – 11 inch medium screen

The mainstream tablet size is about 11 inches. This size is not too small or too small, and the weight of less than 500 grams is acceptable. Whether it is used for learning, audio-visual entertainment, or light office, it is very suitable. It is a must for soldiers in the tablet industry. It is also a cost-effective choice for each family.

3) 12 – 13 inch large screen

This size is the top model of each company. The screen size is large, and it has the ultimate user experience. The corresponding weight is heavy, and it is not very convenient to carry. It is more suitable for use in fixed places.

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